Mining Solution
MOAMiner, the All-in-One

Mining Software

  • for GPU rigs
  • Fully Automated
  • Profit Switching
  • Online Monitoring
  • mine on pools and get BTC
Free Download
MOAMiner is free to download. Anyway, the software
will mine 15min/24h as a fee (equals 1%).
All features included.
Cloud Monitoring included.
Support included
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MOAMiner is a Mining Solution which cares for your GPU mining rigs and comes with all features necessary

MOAMiner will automate as much as possible, so your rigs can run on auto-pilot, always mining the most profitable algorithm while you can observe the status of your rigs online.

A real turnkey solution

What do I need to run MOAMiner and earn Bitcoins?

All you need is a Windows Computer with at least one dedicated Graphic Card (GPU, NVidia, AMD) installed. The more GPUs are installed, the more you can earn.

Download the installer, follow the Assistant and let MOAMiner do the rest - it's as simple as it can get


1. Register for free at
2. Download and Execute Installer
3. Follow Assistant and choose your favourite pool
4. wait for benchmarking to complete
5. lean back and watch your rig making money

Privacy Policy: is not collecting any information from you except the following:
Rig-Data as seen in monitoring collected from your rigs, if you enable it. Also your Login-Credentials. will save a cookie for session tracking. Your information is not shared. If you enable public viewing of your rig monitoring this information will be available publicly.