Mining Solution

MOAMiner Features:

Profit Switching

MOAMiner handles your miners, so they always mine at the most profitable algo. Because MOAMiner does group devices with the same device (and not all together), you can exclude devices or let every device group mine it's own most preferable algorithm

GPUs are different, so we decided this is the best approach to do so

Benchmarking & Miners

MOAMiner can benchmark your different GPUs simultaneously. This is also prefered to get a benchmarking result during real-world conditions

MOAMiner can work with almost any miner (once the API is supported), even different versions of the same miner. Those results are then incooperated into profit switching.

Live Benchmarking

MOAMiner will track the hashrates during mining and updates the saved benchmarks to maintain a steady and correct profit calculation or to adapt to overclocking processes during mining.

MOAMiner plans to implement a benchmarking database, which will help to reduce (or omit) initial benchmarking

Auto Updating

MOAMiner update automatically in the background to keep the downtime at a minimum. Each update may bring new features, will download and use new miners without you having to do anything

Online Monitoring

With a free registration at MOAMiner (used for delivering your private token to the client) you can monitor all your rigs online at This service involves no extra costs

Monitor your rigs online from anywhere without any configurations or router settings.

Of course, you can setup a notification, if one of your rigs lost connection to moaminer (for whatever reason)

Extensive Monitoring

MOAMiner tries to get as much information as possible from GPU drivers themselfs, like temperature, fanspeed or power usage. In the future MOAMiner will also be able to handle OC of your GPUs (stay tuned for upcoming Auto-Tune Feature!)

Mining Backlog

MOAMiner keeps a 48h backlog on used algos so you can always look back and see what your rigs where doing the last 48h. This feature will be expanded in the future.

MOAMiner also keeps a 24h backlog about profitability during mining, so you can always look how your rig performs over the last 24h

MOAMiner can also track the balances of your used pools so you can compare if the desired earnings reflect the pool-reported estimates

Pretty Face

MOAMiner brings you a nice to work with Windows Application. We are still working on additional features of the UI to bring you the best benefit possible. We also want to hear about what feature you are currently missing