Mining Solution

MOAMiner - BETA Version

MOAMiner is currently in public beta testing and available for everyone. Please see current restrictions underneath the download button

Following restrictions apply:

  • Tested on Windows 10 (64bit) only
  • just 5 Minute Fee Mining per day
  • regular automatic updates to fix bugs and add features


How the Installer works

The Installer is a basic .exe File which will download all the necessary files for MOAMiner to work. After download a simple assistent will help you setting everything up and MOAMiner will then download necessary mining software from official sources (if available). The installer also adds exclusions to Windows Defender and Firewall so everything works without interruptions.


This is a beta version, be prepared for several warnings from Windows Defender or Anti-Virus-Software. Those will report the miners as malware. MOAMiner does download most miners from official sources (like Github).

Online Monitoring

You can register for free on this site and use Online Monitoring Features provided by - you don't need any router configuration for your rigs, online monitoring works without the rig being reachable from the outside by IP


MOAMiner does support NVIDIA and AMD GPUs

Benchmark and Fee Mining

Benchmarking is performed by doing mining under real conditions. Also MOAMiner will currently mine 5 minutes per 24h to cover the fee. If more people use MOAMiner in the future we may lower that fee.

Only Win 10 - 64 bit

MOAMiner is currently tested on Windows 10 only. We did have some short tries on Win7 as well and it basically works, just accept, that we currently recommend Win10 only